January 11, 2013

  • World of Wings

    I see anything (I don't see anything), why, mommy do it

    The other day I was driving and the garage door control fell off my visor and I said outloud "What da?" and in the backseat I hear Kayden say "What. Da. Heck?"

    Today one of the assistants at Zoe's school said...
    "You wanna know what Zoe said? I asked her if she was a princess and she said "No. I'm just a regular girl...kind of like my mommy."

    Wow, it's been a while since I've posted. I've been busy during the holiday season and then on top of that C got hit with the flu and then he passed it on to Kayden. The flu this season is no joke. Two of my sister's families got hit with it along with my other sister's boyfriend. It's been rough. The new year started off really rough. Kayden's ok now but he still has a minor cough and a runny nose still. Today he coughed and I saw string of lugie hanging out of his mouth and then before I could grab a tissue I saw him playing with it in his hands. So beautiful.

    :: 01.05.13 :: World of Wings
    This past weekend we went to World of Wings in Teaneck. It was ok. The space is really big. It used to be a perfume company. I don't know. I just didn't think it flowed well. I mean there's a large stuffed animal display and a bounce room and a room where it's got all this princess stuff. The cafeteria looked bare. The highlight for me was the butterfly room. I loved it. Everything was just eh. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that the space was so large they were just trying to think up of ideas to fill it up. I mean that's what it looked like. It does have a lot of potential.


December 31, 2012

  • Annual Christmas Tree Shot

    As I have said before, Zoe is the world's S L O W E S T eater. It drives me insane. So last week I was yelling at her for like the 10th time during dinner because she's been eating for an HOUR and a HALF. So now she's crying and chewing, crying and chewing and she turns to me with tears running down her face and says in between sobs...

    Zoe: *sob* Mommy you're pretty...
    Me: Mmmhmm keep chewing.
    Zoe: *sob* And you're not just pretty now. You're pretty all the time...
    Me: Mmmmhmmm stop talking and just eat Zo.
    Zoe: *sob* ...all the time and every day.


    Zoe has slowly been skipping her naps. I think it's about time. I mean she's almost 5. I wish she would stop sneaking into my room at night though. Man how the hell do you stop that? Kayden has been very accident prone lately. I hear a *thud* and then I hear his little husky voice yell out "I okay!" Hahaha. Sometimes he'll just come over to me and say...

    Kayden: Mommy? Kay?
    Me: I'm okay. You okay?
    Kayden: Yes! Mommy kay?
    Me: I'm okay. Hahaha.

    Ahhh he's such a mama's boy. I love it. Hahaha. Sometimes I hear him call Zoe "Zoe" instead of "noona" and I'll hear her yell at him "Kay-Kay! Don't call me Zoe! Call me Noona!" and I hear him yell back "No! Noona time out!" And the fighting starts. So lovely.

    I hope you guys all had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year to you and yours!

    Another one to add to my collection...
    IMG_7364-001 IMG_4091-1
    christmas tree  chrismas 2009

December 21, 2012

  • Hot Cocoa Kits

    I hate giving out cards. Only cause I know it gets thrown away. So this year instead of giving out Christmas cards to her classmates Zoe and Kayden helped me bake cookies and we put together hot cocoa kits. Plus I wanted another excuse to use my washi tapes. The cookies are really good by the way. We used this recipe. So, so good.

December 20, 2012

  • Our First Advent Calendar

    Today I am sooooo exhausted. Kayden has gotten so bad in the sleep department. Like SO. BAD. Ever since the hurricance it's just been getting progressively worse and I am ready to nip this in the bud. Last night I read him 4 books, he drank some milk, and then I usually get him to fall asleep in my bed and then carry him over to his crib once he's out (I never had to do this before the hurricane).  Then I went to Zoe's room and we played one Ipad game and then lights out. About 15 minutes in I hear Kayden crying "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!..." *sigh* So I told C to go lie with Zoe while I got Kayden to go back to bed. Once he was out I kicked C out of Zoe's bed and lay with her. 30 minutes in "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!...." Are you kidding me Kay! So I go get C and make him lie with Zoe again while I put Kayden back to sleep. This shit went on till 11:30 and then I gave up. I was just thinking "FUCK THIS!" Zoe can't fall asleep because of Kayden and by now it's like 11:30pm. She finally passed out by 11:40pm and all the while Kayden is still screaming for me in the next room. *ignore* By 12 his cries have turned to desperation to get me in his room and now I hear "Mommy! Poo Poo!!!! Mommy! Poo Poo!!!" DAMNIT! Did he really crap? Do I dare go in? Is this a trick? I finally decided eff it. He could get a diaper rash for all I care. Boy is going to cry it out. By 12: 20pm he was finally out. H O W E V E R he woke up before 5am this morning. Like REALLY Kayden? Come on!

    Zoe's Daily Funny:
    Last night Zoe and I were playing a Hello Kitty game on the iPad called Spot. On one turn I found all 5 items and she gives me a high five and goes "Good job girl!" Right before we turned off the light she was looking for her new little stuffed hedgehog who she named Harry Patarry. I found him on the floor next to the bed and handed him to her. She goes "Good eye girl!"

    In the back of my mind I hear a conversation that I had with my mom when I was little where she said "I'm not your friend. I'm your mother." At that time I didn't understand what she meant but NOW I DO!

    Our 1st Advent Calendar (I'm not really happy with it but it'll do)
    This year I really wanted to try one. It's been fun and keeping us really, really busy. I've found most of the projects below on pinterest. I friggin love that site.

December 18, 2012

  • 2012 School Photos

    Kayden's Words:
    Not here!

    Kayden is starting to say 4 word sentences. I was trying to pinch his butt last week while getting him ready for bed because he's ticklish and he wags his finger at me and goes "No. No touchy butt mommy." It's just so cute. I had to pinch it. To resist is hard.

    He's talking so much I can't keep up anymore. He can count to 13! Before he would skip one and two and after he'd hit eleven he'd say "eight" but now he's counting to 13. We always count when we go up or down the stairs so that's how he picked up on it. Sometimes he'll just come up to me at random moments and just say "HUG!" and hug my leg. He's so delicious. I just wanna douse that boy in powder sugar and eat him up! This morning I walked in on him opening up a drawer in the bathroom and he thought he was going to get in trouble so he slamed it shut on his finger and he just started wailing. He got a pretty big cut and his finger was swollen for a bit and also looks a little bruised. I tried to put a bandaid on it but he wouldn't have it. Poor thing. Zoe stepped up the plate right away in her big sister role. She saw the blood and after that she's like getting his blankie for him, checking on him, asking him if he's ok, running to get his froggy icepack. She's a good sister. Right now he's passed out on the couch. Maybe one might want to think about it before getting up before 5am again? HMMMMMMMM?! Who thinks that's a good idea? ME! Who seconds it? ME! Now if he tells me that he crapped I'll tell him to get get his diaper and he'll pick out a diaper and bring the wipes and a tube of balmex to the couch. He's soo cooperative (when he wants to be). He's growing up too fast.

    Zoe's Daily Funny:
    Last night during dinner I think I told Zoe to chew like 100 times. She'll just put food in her mouth and get side tracked with something on the table and not chew. It drives me up the wall. I finally had it and said...

    Me: Zoe! Do you know how many times I asked you to chew?!!!!
    Zoe: (staring to cry) Twenty six?
    Me: (trying not to laugh) A lot! Chew. Your. Food. NOW!
    Zoe: (crying) I love you!

    She's so good. So, so good.

    This morning she goes...

    Zoe: Why did you and dad decide to have Kayden?
    Me: What? What do you mean why?
    Zoe: I mean why did you have 2 kids?
    Me: I don't know. Why? Do you want me to take Kayden back?
    Zoe: No. I'm just asking why.
    Me: So you wouldn't be alone and so you always have each other. I remember we were at Dutch Wonderland and you rode a lot of things by yourself and all the other kids had someone.
    Zoe: I can ride by myself! I'm a big kid. I'm all grown up.
    Me: I know that Zoe but I want you to have a little brother or sister so that you guys always have each other

    I hate it when she says she's all grown up or that she wishes she was an adult. You're 4 damnit! Enjoy it!

    I am thinking about what Zoe said to me last Christmas and laughing by myself. On Christmas morning she goes "Omigosh! Santa has the same wrapping paper you have!" You know, I really hate the fact that Santa gets all the credit for all the crap we get for these kids.

    2012 School Photos
    school photo zoe 2012     school photo kayden 2012
    school photo 2012

December 17, 2012

  • CT

    I have been so busy lately. Buying Christmas presents, wrapping Christmas presents, making my advent calendar, thinking up of stuff for the kids to do after their naps... This holiday keeps me busy. My sister and her family stayed with us a few days last week. C comes home and tells us about the Connecticut shooting. We're like "WHAT?!!!" We shut off Dora and turned to CNN. Oh. My. God. There are no words. A parent's worst nightmare. My heart hurt so much especially for those parents. How does someone do this? You send your kids off to school thinking it's the safest place to be next to home for your children. And it's not. Not anymore. Less than two weeks before Christmas. Those parents probably already wrapped up presents for their kids. Seriously, I can't even imagine what they're going through. It's so senseless.....

    I was watching the news this morning. They were interviewing a gunshop owner and he said that the next day after the shooting his sales went up.

    I hugged Zoe & Kayden a little tighter and gave them extra kisses. My prayers go out to those families during this time.

December 6, 2012

  • Update

    Kayden's Words:
    Cloud, Sun, Moon, Shark, Dolphin, Go away

    Kayden is just chattin up a storm these days. He's like my little boyfriend. He gives me hugs and endless kisses. He can be so sweet one minute and then a monster the next. He's also my bodyguard. C is not allowed to hug me if Kayden is watching. Sometimes he'll hit my hand, which by the way wouldn't even kill ant, and then right away he'll go "You okay?" No you punk child of mine. So then I'll throw in a fake cry and he'll start to pet me and say "mommy, you okay?" I'll go "i'm ok." And then once he knows I'm ok he'll hit me on the hand again and then ask "you okay?" Sometimes he'll hit Zoe and I hear her go "MOMMY!!!!" and while she's yelling I hear him say super fast while hugging her "sorrysorrysorrysorry" cause he knows he's gonna get in trouble. Hahaha. God I love that punk. He's had a runny nose since yesterday and this one time he picked his nose and held up his finger and said "ewwww (long pause) nasty" and then proceeded to swipe his finger down my shirt. Kayden, no swiping! He loves watching Dora. Like, loves her. Yesterday I come downstairs with just Zoe and the hubs goes "Where's Kayden?" I responded "He wants to stay upstairs and play in Zoe's room." He goes "What's he doing?" I hesitated "...playing princess." Hahahaha.... *sigh* This is what happens when you have an older sister right? RIGHT?! For Christmas I want to get him a train table and set. I think he needs more boy toys. This morning after dropping Zoe off at school Kay and I were hanging out on Zoe's bed and we each had on one of her headbands while play with her My Little Pony toys. *sigh* I was Rainbow Dash. He was Pinky Pie. He's also really big into stuffed animals. It could be annoying at times like when we head down to the living room. He needs to bring like all 5 stuffed elephants or he has to bring his dinosaur stuffed animal with the dog stuffed animal and God forbid we leave the sheep behind...all 3 of them. Like c'mon!

    Zoe's Daily Funny:
    So last week I pick Zoe up from school and Kayden is watching Zoe's old Dora and the Crystal Kingdom video. Now if you watch Dora you know girlfriend got a little makeover this yr compared to the old videos. She goes...

    Zoe: *groan* Dora? Again?! *sigh*
    Me: I thought you liked Dora?
    Zoe: I ONLY watch the new Dora.

    Ew. Well EXCUSE me.

    Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I've been having monitor issues. I use an old pc that husband is just DYING to get rid of. However that is the one that I've aways used. He even got me a Mac and I hardly touch it. We have 2 laptops also but THAT is the computer I feel most comfortable using when I post and edit. I feel so crippled. Right now I'm using one of the laptops. I hate laptop keys. Bah humbug. Tomorrow I go down to Philly with the kids to see my sisters and the kids and my mother for a few days. I'm giving C the weekend off.

    :: 09.13.12 :: Matilda (sorry it took me so long to post these Hannah)

    :: 09.14.12 :: Good Bye Matilda

November 27, 2012

  • Man Babies

    I have written in a while....been busy...scanning....old photos and posting them on facebook. My sisters hate me. The few friends that I did have hate me. Well actually they don't hate me per se but I'm sure they didn't want their prom photos posted. Hee hee. Such is life.

    How was Thanksgiving? CRAP! I just remembered, the only photo that I took of Thanksgiving this year is gone. I got a new iPhone today. CRAP! *sigh*.....oh well.

    I thought I'd post up something funny for your viewing pleasure. Last year I stumbled upon a site called ManBabies and I just thought it was sooo funny. So my sister, Nancy, who's very familiar with Photoshop did some photos for me....

    Here is one of my mom and Kayden....
    mom and kayden

    Here is Zoe & C (this one had me laughing for a while)....
    My Pictures

    And here's one of Kayden and C but because of the way his head sunk into the pillow she couldn't switch heads so instead she made it all about C.
    My Pictures-001   

November 20, 2012

  • Random

    Kayden's Words:
    Right now Kayden is watch Dora and Swiper just swiped something from the Pirate Piggies and Kayden ran to the tv yelling "NO SWIPER NO TIME OUT!!!! GO AWAY!" The piggies started to cry and he started to pet each piggie on the screen while saying "You kay? You kay? Aww you kay?" (You okay?)

    Zoe's Daily Funny:
    So Zoe loves Carly Rae Jepsen. Her dad will make a comment like "Ew. Carly Rae Jepsen? Lame." and then Zoe will start screeching "DON'T YOU SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT CARLY RAE JEPSEN!!!! DADDY DO YOU WANT A TIME OUT!" blah blah blah.... So yesterday I was playing some light dinner music for the kids and Call Me Maybe came on. She was singing along to it while eating but then asked me....

    Zoe: Mommy, why does she say "and this is crAAAAAzy?"
    Me: Because. She just met this boy and she probably doesn't give boys her phone number but she liked him and gave him her phone number so that he could call her....maybe.
    Zoe: Why is that crazy?
    Me: Because Zoe. Girls don't give their numbers out to just ANY boy.
    Zoe: (smiling all sly while glancing over at me) UH OH! You gave your number to daddy!!!!
    Me: Hahahahaha. I did.
    Zoe: That's why you guys are married now.
    Me: Yup.

    Best thing I ever did.

    You know, the hubs and I were talking saturday night and he kept asking me if I wanted him to buy a turkey the next day. I was thinking 'What is the rush with everyone?!' Even on facebook someone posted that they bought a turkey on friday and I'm thinking 'Wow. Someone's eager for Thanksgiving." I still thought I had 2 weeks for some reason. I didn't know it was this week. I feel like I'm in some twilight zone sometimes. PROBABLY from the lack of sleep or GOOD sleep rather. Ever since the hurricane Kayden won't let me put him down in his crib awake. I have to make sure he's fallen asleep in my bed and then move him over. Then without fail around 2-3 he'll wake up crying "MOMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! MOMMY!!!!!!!!!" And he'll stay awake screaming for me for an hour or more sometimes. Two night ago I just went and got him and it was hell. Zoe who already snuck into our room was waking up off and on cause Kayden wouldn't go back to sleep, the hubs was snoring, I was practically falling off the bed. I don't even know how long he was up that night. Last night he was up for about an hour, I think. I don't know what to do. I was trying my damn hardest not to get him last night. I kept thinking "this is for his own good, this is for his own good" but he just sounded soooo sad at times. I heard deep sobs at times. *sigh* He's killing me people. Slowly but surely.

    :: 11.15.12 :: Finding Nemo

November 12, 2012

  • Happy Belated My Kay-Kay!

    Kayden's Words:
    Snake, Flamingo (mingo), Bear, Cheetah (he's soooo into animals), polar bear
    His favorite book is Brown Bear.

    During the week of Hurricane Sandy I don't know what happened but Kayden got SUPER bossy. It's all "Go away!" or "Come here!" or "Get up!" or "Sit down" or "Come!" or "Stop!" or "Mommy do it!" *eyeroll* I could be sitting next to him on the floor but he's patting the spot in front of him while saying "Sit down! Mommy sit down!" And sometimes he's borderline on the verge of tears if I don't move. Annoying. Fine! Fine! I'll MOOOOOOOVE! Also if you do something that he is displeased about he will state that you need a time out. Example, yesterday morning I asked the hubs if he could change Kayden's diaper. Kayden wanted me to do it and started to cry and I could hear the "No daddy!" on repeat. FINE FINE! So I went over to change him instead and he said "Mommy. Daddy time out." Let's say he trips but when he falls Zoe just happens to be on the couch in front of him. He'll say "Noona time out." Did she have anything to do with him falling? No. Is he just looking for the closest mammal in our zoo to blame? Yes. This morning he was watching Curious George and this dog knocked over George and accidentally made him drop his piggy bank. Kayden starts yelling and pointing at the tv as if a horrendous injustice had been done while yelling "Mong-mong(doggy) time out!!!!"

    Hahaha I just laughed out loud. I put Kayden and Zoe down for their naps and as soon as I shut Kayden's door he started to cry while yelling "No jaja (sleep)! No mommy! Mommy!!!!" After a few minutes I heard him yelling "Help me!!! Help me!!!"

    :: 11.10.12 :: Happy Belated Birthday
    This past weekend Hannah & Isabella slept over. Perfect timing since we couldn't really celebrate Kayden's birthday last week. I made him a Brobee cake (don't laugh). It was a last minute decision. He really wanted a Foofa cake but C and I vetoed it. The girls stayed up late saturday night to have a movie night. They chose the new Tinkerbell movie 'Secret of the Wings'. Do your kids do this? While the movie is playing all I hear from Zoe and Isabella is "I'm Periwinkle who do you want to be?" "I'm Queen Clarion!" "No, I'm Queen Clarion!" "Oooh I want to be Silvermist!" "Fine then I'm Rosetta!" I vaguely remember doing this, or something close to this with my sisters. Omigod, how annoying we must have been. My bad Mom!!!! Hahaha.....